About Us


Designers Point India Pvt. Ltd. has etched an international benchmark in the manufacturing of premium men’s apparel. We are one of the largest and fully integrated garment manufacturers of the country, offering a gamut of premium essentials to the discerning buyers all over the globe. AshwaniAnand established the company, in 1989 as a domestic manufacturing unit. The year 1994, achieved a new milestone when the organization started international export. Today, the company is a government recognized ‘Start Garment Export House’ specializing in the manufacturing of trousers, jackets, suits, blazers, shorts etc. Currently, it has a global presence in many countries such as Singapore, Spain, France, Canada, and Gulf.Ours is a product driven company maintaining stringent standards, strict quality control and meticulous Research and Development. Superior design capabilities combined with innovative product development are our strong tools. 

‘We are committed towards delivering unparalleled quality of apparel and exceptional service ethics.’